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Mori-Say 842 CNC Machine: Mastering High-Precision Production

Experience Unmatched Precision and Productivity

The Mori-Say 842 CNC machine redefines the standards of high-precision manufacturing. With its robust design and advanced CNC capabilities, this eight-spindle automatic lathe is tailored for mass and series production, offering unparalleled efficiency in the machining of parts up to 42mm in diameter.



Number of Spindles  8
Max Bar Diameter 42 mm (1.653″)
Max Bar Capacity with Loader 110 mm (4.330″)
Max Spindle Speed 4 500 RPM
Max Drive Motor Output 11 kW
Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 53.5 kW
Torque @ 1000 RPM 66 Nm
Indexing Time 1 s
End Slides 8
Cross Slides 7
Cutoff Slides 1
Y Axis Stroke 1
Machine Weight 16 600 kg (36 596 lbs)


Features and Specifications

  • Eight spindles with AC drive units for high-speed operations up to 4500 rpm.
  • Siemens SINUMERIC 840D sl control system and Tmis software for precise control.
  • Capable of handling bar materials up to 42mm in diameter, ensuring versatility across various applications.

Benefits of the Mori-Say 842 CNC Machine

  • Exceptional rigidity and accuracy, comparable to cam-driven machines, enhancing product quality.
  • Fast and precise production, supported by a sophisticated CNC system and multiple spindle configurations.
  • Adaptability for machining semi-products, expanding its utility in complex manufacturing tasks.

Industries and Applications

Ideal for producing spin components in the automotive industry, as well as parts for bearings, fittings, valves, and the aircraft industry. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for any sector requiring high-volume, precise component manufacturing.


Mori-Say 842 CNC

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