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Mori-Say 642 CNC Machine:
Paradigm of Multispindle Efficiency

Elevating Multispindle Machining to New Heights

The Mori-Say 642 CNC machine ushers in an era of unparalleled efficiency and precision in multispindle machining. With its advanced features and robust construction, this machine is designed for mass and serial production of precise parts, making it a cornerstone in the realm of high-capacity CNC lathes.

Number of Spindles  6
Max Bar Diameter 42 mm (1.653″)
Max Bar Capacity with Loader 48 mm (1.889″)
Max Bar Feeding Length 180 mm (7.086″)
Max Speed 5 000 RPM
Power Per Spindle 7 kW
Torque @ 1000 RPM 66.8 Nm
End Slides 6
Cross Slides 5 + 1
Y Axis Stroke 108 mm (4.251″)
Machine Weight 10 750 kg (23 699 lbs)


Features and Specifications

  • Six spindles with independent AC drives, offering speeds up to 5000 rpm.
  • High precision and rigidity for mass production, with a bar stock capacity up to Ø42 mm.
  • Siemens SINUMERIC 840D sl control system and Tmis software for superior control.
  • Versatile modification options, including up to 21 CNC-controlled axes for comprehensive machining solutions.

Unrivaled Benefits for High-Performance Manufacturing

Experience increased productivity with fast spindle indexing and the capability to perform intricate machining tasks with exceptional accuracy. The Mori-Say 642 CNC’s innovative design ensures a compact structure, integrating an electrical box for streamlined operations.

Applications Across Diverse Industries

Ideal for the automotive sector, hydraulic components, and pneumatic systems, the Mori-Say 642 CNC machine excels in producing automotive parts and other high-precision components. Its flexibility and performance make it a valuable asset in any high-demand manufacturing environment.


Mori-Say 642 CNC

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