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Discover Unparalleled Precision with the Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta CNC Machine

Innovating Precision Machining with the Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta

Introducing the Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta CNC Machine – a groundbreaking solution in precision machining. This five-spindle automatic lathe, complete with a multi-spindle CNC lathe bar loader, oil treatment system, chiller, and chip conveyor, is designed to revolutionize high-capacity machining with its advanced CAM technology.

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  518 CNC
Number of Spindles  5
Max Diameter of bar 18 mm (0.708″)
Max Bar Feeding Length 100 mm (3.937″)
Spindle Speed Range 8 000 RPM
Spindle Motor Power TMZ 3.7 kW
Drum Indexing Time 0.4 seconds
Number of Frontal Slides 5
Number of Compound Slides 5

Advanced Features and Specifications

The machine boasts a five-spindle layout, enhanced by CNC technology for precise control over complex machining tasks, demonstrating its superiority in the field of CAM machining.

Exceptional Features Meet Advanced Specifications

The Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta boasts features like high spindle speed, advanced control with up to 5 axes, and superior bar stock dimension handling. Its innovative design, including an electrical cabinet integrated into the base, facilitates a quicker setup and operator-friendly environment.

Unmatched benefits with the TMZ 518 Penta it allows for high-capacity machining. With the Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta, benefit from enhanced production rates, superior precision, and significant efficiency improvements in manufacturing. Its high rigidity, thermal, and dynamic stability assure quality machining for mass and series production.

Versatile Applications Across Multiple Industries

This machine’s versatility makes it perfect for various sectors requiring precision components, such as automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. Its ability to handle complex tasks with high precision and speed makes the Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta an invaluable asset. Tajmac-USA is committed to excellence, offering extensive technical support and services for the Mori-Say TMZ 518 Penta, ensuring your operations achieve peak performance and productivity.


Mori-Say 518 CNC

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