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Manurhin K’mx 916 Clever: Revolutionizing Precision Machining

The Manurhin K’mx 916 Clever introduces unmatched precision and flexibility in CNC machining. Designed for efficient production of parts up to 16 mm in diameter, this Swiss automatic lathe combines high-speed electrospindles with a synchronized rotary guide bush, offering exceptional productivity for complex components.

  K’MX 916
Max Diameter of Bar Stock Ø 16 (20) mm
Spindle Bore Ø 21 (23) mm
Spindle Power kW 100/60% (Main) 3.7/5.5 kW
Spindle Power kW 100/60% (Sub) 3.7/5.5 kW
Spindle Max Speed RPM (Main) 12 000 RPM
Spindle Max Speed RPM (Sub) 12 000 RPM
Spindle Stroke 220 MM
Number of CNC Axes 9 + 2
Programming Channels 4
Tools in Cut in One Time Max 4
Live Tools Power 2.3 kW

Key Features:

  • Bar material machining up to 16 mm in diameter, with an option for 20 mm.
  • Dual electrospindles reaching speeds of 12,000 rpm for rapid production cycles.
  • Nine linear and two rotary CNC axes for comprehensive part machining capabilities.
  • Capability to operate with up to four tools simultaneously, enhancing multitasking.

Benefits of the Manurhin K’mx 916 Clever

This machine significantly reduces cycle times for materials ranging from aluminum to stainless steel, ensuring optimal tool longevity without sacrificing precision. Its design promotes efficient operation, making it ideal for high-volume production of precision parts.

Industries and Applications

Perfectly suited for industries requiring intricate component manufacturing, such as automotive, medical devices, and electronics. The K’mx 916 Clever’s advanced capabilities ensure it meets the high standards of precision and productivity demanded in these fields.


MANURHIN K’MX 916 Cycle Times

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