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Manurhin K’mx 432:
The Ultimate Solution for Precision Machining

Revolutionize Your Production with Manurhin K’mx 432

The Manurhin K’mx 432 sliding headstock automatic lathe redefines productivity and precision for parts up to 32mm in diameter. Its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology ensure high productivity for both simple and complex parts. K’MX 432 is designed for productive machining of parts for bars with a maximum diameter of 32 mm. With a spindle bore diameter of 37 mm, no modification of the end of the bar for the bar feeder collet is needed.

  K’MX 432
Max Diameter of Bar Stock Ø  32(36) mm
Spindle Bore Ø 37 mm
Spindle Power kW 100/60% (Main) 5.5/7.5 kW
Spindle Power kW 100/60% (Sub) 3.7/5.5 kW
Spindle Max Speed RPM (Main) 10 000 RPM
Spindle Max Speed RPM (Sub) 10 000 RPM
Spindle Stroke 410 mm
Number of CNC Axes 4 + 2
Programming Channels 2
Tools in Cut in One Time Max 2
Live Tools Power 2.3 kW


Key Features for Peak Performance

  • Exceptional machining capability for bars up to 32 mm.
  • Two electro spindles with maximum speeds of 10,000 rpm each, ensuring fast and efficient operations.
  • Advanced kinematics with four linear and two rotary CNC axes for versatile machining.
  • FANUC control system for precise and easy operation.

Advantages: Efficiency Meets Precision

  • Reduced cycle times for various materials, offering significant production advantages.
  • The capability to machine complex parts with high productivity and precision.
  • Easy setup and programming, supporting small batch production efficiently.

Wide-Ranging Applications and Industries

Perfect for manufacturing components in sectors demanding high precision, such as automotive, electronics, and medical devices. The K’mx 432’s adaptability makes it a preferred choice for various high-volume production needs.


Manurhin K’mx 432
Manurhin K’mx 432 Cycle Times

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