Swiss 1026/1032 Swing

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Manurhin K’mx 1026/1032 Machine: Precision & Versatility for Modern Manufacturing

Unrivaled Precision and Flexibility

The Manurhin K’mx 1026/1032 machine sets new standards in precision and flexibility for CNC machining. Designed for the highest demands of modern manufacturing, this machine offers unparalleled performance in turning and milling operations.



K’MX 1026/1032 Swing
Max Diameter of Bar Stock Ø  32 (36) mm
Spindle Bore Ø 37 mm
Spindle Power kW 100/60% (Main) 15/25 kW
Spindle Power kW 100/60% (Sub) 3.7/5.5 kW
Spindle Max Speed RPM (Main) 8 000 RPM
Spindle Max Speed RPM (Sub) 10 000 RPM
Spindle Stroke 410 mm
Number of CNC Axes 10+2
Programming Channels 3
Tools in Cut in One Time Max 4
Live Tools Power kW 2.3 kW


Features and Specifications: A Cut Above

  • Advanced Control System: Ensures precise machining with up to 21 CNC-controlled axes.
  • Rapid Cycle Times: Achieves cycle times as low as 29 seconds for aluminum (EN AW 6061) and 30 seconds for brass (CuZn39Pb3), optimizing production speed without compromising quality.

Benefits: Cycle Time Efficiency and Maximizing Output

Benefit from reduced cycle times across various materials, from aluminum and brass to stainless and automatic steel, enhancing throughput and operational efficiency in your manufacturing process.

  • Superior precision in machining complex parts.
  • Reduced cycle times for higher throughput.
  • Adaptable to various materials and industries.

Broad Applications: Versatility in Production

From automotive to aerospace and beyond, the Manurhin K’mx 1026/1032 excels in diverse sectors, delivering precision parts quickly to meet the demands of high-volume manufacturing environments.


MANURHIN K’MX 1026/1032 SWING Cycle Times

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