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Discover the Cucchi Multi LS 6/8

Elevate your CNC machining with the Cucchi Multi LS 6/8, a more compact version of the renowned Cucchi Multi L 6/8. Designed for spaces where efficiency and size matter, this barloader combines the trusted performance of Cucchi technology with a footprint that fits more facilities. Experience the future of compact, automated machining solutions with the Cucchi Multi LS 6/8, where innovation meets versatility.

  Multi L
Bar Diameters Standard min Ø5mm max Ø95 mm (Depending on Lathe Model; Special Ø on Demand
Bar Lengths 3200;3400;3700 mm (12ft) – 4300 mm (14ft) –   
5000 mm (16ft)
Bar Rack Capacity Standard 500 – 750 mm (20″ – 30″);
Bundle Loader Capacity 1,2 t (Special Capacity on Demand)
Bar Feeding Hydraulic
Bar Change Time 15 – 25 sec, Depending on Bar Length (3m/4m)


Compact Features, Full-Scale Performance

The Cucchi Multi LS 6/8 doesn’t compromise on capabilities despite its smaller size. It’s engineered to seamlessly integrate with a variety of CNC machines, offering versatility for different bar diameters and materials. With a focus on high-efficiency barloading, this compact model ensures your operations are as productive as possible, without the need for extensive space.

Benefits of the Cucchi Multi LS 6/8

Choosing the Cucchi Multi LS 6/8 means benefiting from:

  • Space Efficiency: Perfect for limited spaces without sacrificing barloading capabilities.
  • Versatile Performance: Handles a wide range of bar diameters and materials with ease.
  • Precision Bar Loading: Ensures the highest levels of accuracy and consistency in your machining processes.
  • Streamlined Operations: Enhances productivity with fast, reliable automated bar feeding.

Industries and Applications

The Cucchi Multi LS 6/8 is ideal for industries that demand precision and efficiency but are constrained by space. From medical device manufacturing to small automotive parts production and specialized aerospace components, this barloader is the solution for any sector looking to optimize their CNC machining operations.


Multi LS 6/8 Spindle

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