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Explore the Automation Revolution with Cucchi-BLT Barloaders

Dive into the world of advanced automation with Cucchi-BLT barloaders, the pinnacle of automated machining solutions. Engineered with precision and efficiency at its core, Cucchi-BLT barloaders have revolutionized the bar feeding process for CNC lathes and turning centers. Discover the innovation behind these barloaders, designed to enhance your machining processes with unparalleled productivity and precision.

  Multi L
Bar Diameters Standard min Ø5mm max Ø95 mm (Depending on Lathe Model; Special Ø on Demand
Bar Lengths 3200;3400;3700 mm (12ft) – 4300 mm (14ft) –   
5000 mm (16ft)
Bar Rack Capacity 28 mm (1.102″) Standard 500 – 750 mm (20″ – 30″);
Bundle Loader Capacity 1,2 t (Special Capacity on Demand)
Bar Feeding Hydraulic
Bar Change Time 15 – 25 sec, Depending on Bar Length (3m/4m)


Features and Specifications

Cucchi-BLT barloaders boast an impressive array of features designed to meet the diverse needs of modern CNC machining. With the capability to handle various bar diameters and materials, these barloaders offer speed and automation that set new industry standards. Key specifications include advanced loading capacity, seamless CNC machine compatibility, and a user-friendly interface, making them a vital addition to any machining operation.

Benefits of Using Cucchi-BLT Barloaders

Incorporating Cucchi-BLT barloaders into your CNC operations can transform your production line by:

  • Increasing Productivity: Streamline your operations with fast, continuous bar loading.
  • Reducing Labor Costs: Automate the bar feeding process and allocate your skilled labor more efficiently.
  • Enhancing Precision: Achieve consistent precision in machining with accurate bar feeding.
  • Improving Workflow Efficiency: Minimize downtime and maximize machine utilization with reliable automation.

Applications and Industries Served

Cucchi-BLT barloaders serve a wide range of industries requiring precision CNC machining. From automotive to aerospace, medical devices, and beyond, these barloaders are versatile tools that can adapt to various applications, ensuring that every sector benefits from increased efficiency and precision.


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