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Accurate, Reliable, and Powerful


Accurate, Reliable, and Powerful
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Cucchi-BLT Barloaders

Elevating Efficiency with Precision Bar Loading Systems

Cucchi-BLT barloaders redefine the standards for automatic bar feeders and CNC bar loading systems, focusing on precision bar loading and high-efficiency operation. These systems are designed to enhance productivity and reliability in CNC machining operations, offering seamless integration and operation. Explore how Cucchi-BLT barloaders can transform your production line, ensuring faster, more precise, and efficient bar loading solutions.

Multi LS 6/8

The MULTI LS series allows you to perform the same movements by reducing the overall dimensions of the bar loader.

Multi L 6/8

Thanks to removing the fee fingers the lathe setup is quick and easy. At the same time, the rear recovery of the bar segment allows maximum efficiency between loader and lathe, thus eliminating the drawbacks due to the removal of residual material in the work area.

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