With experience, comes insight, innovation and forward-thinking vision. The TAJMAC Group have been machining experts for the last century.

The Beginning Of TaJMac

Founded by Amedeo Tajariol, TAJMAC started from humble origins and grew to become one of the most important machine tool producers in Europe. Today TAJMAC is a global force in machining, both in distribution and design.


Founded by the Bata family in 1903 for shoemaking machines production, in 1950 was renamed into ZPS (Závody Presenèho Strojirenstvì – “Precision Machines Factory”). In 2000, the TAJMAC Group purchased ZPS, further expanding their machining expertise and product lineup.

Over 100 Years Of Machining Excellence and Experience

Based in Zlin, Czechia, ZPS machines are known for their superior precision and engineering. The unique characteristic of TAJMAC-ZPS is its integrated structure, which allows a total quality control throughout the entire production process.

A World-Class Foundry

The machines castings are produced by ZPS-Slevarna, considered the best foundry in Europe for machine tool basements and components. ZPS machines are known for their rigidity and precision, which is due in part to how their castings are manufactured.