About Tajmac-USA: A Legacy of Precision Machining

Tajmac-USA, part of the prestigious European Tajmac-Group, has a rich history of innovation in machine tool manufacturing. Founded by Amedeo Tajariol, the company has grown through resilience and dedication, specializing in CNC and CAM machine tools.
With over 1,500 installations across North America, Tajmac-USA is committed to excellence in metalworking, providing unparalleled quality, service, and support. Our collaborative engineering approach ensures we meet the complex production needs of our customers, embodying our vision to be a leader in the metal machining sector.
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Tajmac-USA is an advanced CNC and CAM Machine Tool Company, that in partnership with the Tajmac Group, has over 100 years of experience. We’ve achieved 1,500+ machine installations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Each market has different needs, but all under the same vision and goal: to provide quality, service, and support to metalworking companies.

Since its creation, TAJMAC has gradually experienced growth, which today allows it to have a place among the largest European manufacturers of specialized machine tools for metal machining. Founded before the Second World War by AMEDEO TAJARIOL, the company collapsed under the bombardments in 1944.

With great determination, Amedeo started again by recovering old components and rebuilding new towers. In a short time, the new activity “Machine Tool TAJARIOL” (translated from Italian) was present throughout Italy with automatic lathes. To read more visit here.

When the production of parts becomes more and more complex and demanding, our engineers work in collaboration with our customers. In order to offer them a solution adapted to their needs in order to remain competitive and guarantee the sustainability of their activities. Having markets with different requirements, all our subsidiaries share the same vision and a common objective, which is to provide quality, service, and support to companies in the machining sector.

At TAJMAC-GROUP, we have engineering in our blood, we build simple machines for complex parts…

Welcome to the TAJMAC group.
Andrea Tajariol, CEO