Welcome to Tajmac-USA, your hub for precision and innovation in manufacturing. Explore our OEM lineup: Mori-Say, Wickman, Manurhin K’mx, and Cucchi-BLT, offering advanced multispindle lathes and CNC solutions.

Spare Parts

Discover original spare parts at Tajmac-USA: direct and ready to ship. Ensure your machinery’s peak performance with our hassle-free, genuine replacements.

Service Team

Meet the backbone of Tajmac-USA: our proactive service manager and insightful technicians.

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Formerly known as ZPS-America which stood for Závody Presenèho Strojirenstvì – “Precision Machines Factory”

Discover Precision Engineering with Tajmac Machinery – Your Partner in Multispindle Automatic Lathes and CNC Solutions

Our dedication to quality, innovation, and unmatched customer service sets us apart from other manufacturers. As a leading provider of CAM & CNC machinery in the USA, including state-of-the-art multispindle automatic lathes and CNC solutions, we are your trusted partner for advanced manufacturing needs.


Accurate, Reliable, and Powerful
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Proud Member of the following organizations

Proud Member of the following organizations

Unrivaled Quality and Precision

Tajmac-USA epitomizes precision and quality, offering leading multispindle automatic lathes and CNC machinery designed for today’s industrial needs. Our machinery guarantees not just advanced equipment but enduring reliability and precision.

Innovative Solutions for Every Need

We lead with innovation, constantly advancing in industrial CNC solutions to meet every manufacturing need. Our portfolio, from efficient screw machines to precise CNC sliding headstock machines, is crafted to boost your manufacturing capabilities.

Committed to Outstanding Customer Service

At Tajmac-USA, your success is our priority. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, ensuring a supportive journey from consultation to after-sales, to enhance your experience with our machinery.

Next-Generation Manufacturing Solutions

Let us assist you in your journey for Excellence, Precision, and Service at the Core of Your Manufacturing Success.

CAM Machines

Tajmac-USA stands out from other manufacturers by having developed a range of machines with interchangeable equipment and tool holders on most models, contributing to the reduction of equipment costs and the flexibility of use.

CNC Machines

The market for parts machined by multi-spindle lathes demands ever higher quality standards and demands great flexibility while keeping costs under control.

Swiss Machines

We introduce a highly productive Swiss-type Lathes for manufacturing of round bars up to diameter of 32 mm (36 mm) as well as square and hexagon bars.

Rebuilt Machines

Tajmac-USA has more than 80 years of experience on numerous machines. This allows us to overhaul or rebuild machines in an efficient capacity for your business needs.

Cucchi Bar Loaders

The Cucchi bar loader embodies reliability and performance in a single product. Two versions available allowing one to meet space requirements in workshops.

Wickman Machines

Visit our Wickman-USA product site for all our wickman machine needs.

Interior of the Tajmac-Group building entry.

Why Choose Tajmac-USA?

  • Leadership in Multispindle Automatic Lathes: Our machines set industry standards for performance and reliability.
  • Advanced Industrial CNC Solutions: From design to production, our CNC solutions are tailored to your specific needs.
  • A Tradition of Quality: Our commitment to excellence ensures that every machine we offer is a benchmark for quality.
  • Innovation at Its Core: We continuously innovate to provide you with cutting-edge machinery that keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Customer Service That Cares: Your satisfaction is our top concern. We’re here to assist you at every step of your journey with us.

Brian Adams


“I’ve recommended Tajmac-USA to many of my friendly competitors within the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA). Many of us are repeat customers, and continue to invest in their product.”

Rick Bosshard

V.P. of Sales

“The accuracy and rigidity of the Tajmac-USA machines allows for holding tighter part tolerances and better surface finishes, where on the other machines it would require adding a secondary CNC chucking operation to obtain.